Seed crackers

Seed crackers are an amazing source of nutrients with hummus or basil pesto dip, or alone. I make a batch every week – variations depending on the seeds I have on hand.

This recipe has been adapted from a Norwegian rye cracker recipe and has been heartily endorsed by a marathon runner! Useful for teachers or students in a no nut school or facility, and essential as a mid afternoon snack.

(The measurements are in mls rather than gms for volume rather than weight)
200 mls  Gluten free plain flour
400 mls  Flaked Quinoa
100 mls  Sun flower seeds
100 mls  Linseed seeds
100 mls  Sesame seeds
100 mls  Pumpkin seeds
100 mls  Poppy seeds
1 small handful Caraway seeds
½ tsp   Sea Salt
700-800 mls   Water


1. Mix all the dry ingredients except for the Caraway seeds together in a large mixing bowl and then add the water until a thin paste (like wall paper glue!) is formed. Leave to stand for 10-20mins to allow water to be absorbed – the mixture should still be quite liquid when done but slightly thickened.

2. Pour a very thin layer (really thin – one seed thick!) onto baking paper covered baking trays (makes approx. 4 trays). The back of a spoon is good to spread the mixture evenly. If it seems a little thick just add more water to make the mixture easily spreadable.

3. Sprinkle Carraway seeds liberally over the mixture prior to baking.

4. Bake @ 180 degrees (fan forced) for approximately 15 minutes or until slightly hardened on top. Take out of the oven and score into rectangles/squares – a pizza cutter is good for this! Replace in oven.

5. Turn heat down to 160 degrees for 40 minutes or until dry and crisp. They can be put back in again even slightly later to crisp up if not quite done.

6. When done remove from oven and turn over on trays to remove baking paper. Allow to dry out – they can be put back into the turned off oven whilst cooling to ensure that the back of the crackers is crisp.

7. After the crackers are quite cool they can be stored in air tight containers prior to use.

It’s especially appetising to add sliced almonds or pistachios to the mixture just before it is cooked. Sultanas also make a great alternative flavour but should be added also just before it’s cooked, not before, so that they don’t absorb all the liquid at once.

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