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Myth busting Supplements  $175

Vitamins and Minerals – what do you need?

Mining Your results for Gold! $175

How do you measure wellness?

Gut Microbiome and Mental Health $175 Coming Soon

How to optimise the gut microbiome for mental health.


Ever wanted to understand the science behind the effect of gluten or dairy on the gut?

Approximately 2 hours  each, these two courses provide the evidence to assist you to apply nutritional medicine principles to practice

Gluten and the Gut $69

Dairy and the Gut $69

Jille provided these lectures for General Practitioners and health professionals as part of the 2014-2016 triennium RACGP category one.

Feedback from course participants:

  • Engaging, practical.
  • Exceptional.
  • Absolutely brilliant, loved this.
  • Great presentation – made talk interesting and easy to understand.
  • Best organised presentation.
  • Generous sharing of information, brilliant teacher, clear, organised, up to date.
  • Excellent, meaty lecture, good slides, very interesting. Good overview


APOE4 : testing for hope $39

Presented at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference at City Hall in Edinburgh 23rd June 2018.

Utilising genetic testing has been a game changer in preventative medicine. Motivated people can now assess their likelihood of chronic conditions and modify lifestyle accordingly.

However for people discovering they have the APOE4 genotype leading to 50-60% increased risk of Alzheimers disease – what can be done?

Jille will present a case, with APOE3/4 genotype and explore the advantage of genetic profiling to optimise of methylation, inflammation and oxidation pathways that could reduce the chance or delay disease progression.

Utilising current evidence based research, incorporating the Bredesen protocol, the clinician’s role is explored in interpreting this information for people to create a message of positive hope.