Personalised Medicine


Healthy Vitality’s aim is to help you get well and stay well.

We have created a number of online programmes to help provide the information you need to get well and stay well.

First Consult $95

Healthy Vitality created First Consult to present foundation information and practice required to improve health. We called it First Consult because this is often the information we provide at our first appointment with our patients.  While we individualise treatment plans, these broad yet simple changes can have a profound effect on well being. To save time, we advise patients review and implement recommendations from First Consult.

Topics include Gluten and the gut, Dairy, Vegetables, Vitamin D, the Low Stress Diet and Lifestyle pointers.

Recipes in ebooks include GFSF (Gluten Free Sugar Free) and GFSFDF (Gluten Free, Sugar Free Dairy Free) plus information sheets are all included.

Exceptional value in one package First Consult – buy now.


Healthy Vitality ran a series of public talks on Gut Microbiome. Here they are for you!

Overview Gut Microbiome $39

What is the Gut Microbiome? How does it influence your health? 

Optimising Gut Microbiome $39

How to improve your gut microbiome for optimum health? 

Gut Microbiome and Mental Health $39

How does the gut microbiome influence your mental health? 


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