Lifestyle for heart health – take action today.

Lifestyle. There is no getting around this simple fact – your health is directly related to how you live your life. However, drugs are forever in the forefront of the press as a “quick fix”. Yesterday’s headline from The Age newspaper

“New wonder drug hailed as biggest breakthrough in fight against heart attacks and cancer”.

The article describes the new monoclonal antibody that will reduce inflammation – inflammation now seen as the primary cause of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. However the side effect profile for this new wonder drug is a concern. This wonder drug costs 40 000 pounds/patient/year and reduces your immunity, which increases your chance of dying of a severe infection. However the authors state that this is balanced by reduction in cancer and operations for coronary artery bypass grafts, though providing no reduction in overall mortality. Seriously?

So what are we treating? Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra is an active member of Action on Sugar – a registered charity in the United Kingdom. Dr Malhotra has for a long time promoted lifestyle changes over the use of drugs to combat inflammation. Lifestyle measures are a holistic way to reduce inflammation. Mediterranean diet, no sugar, no smoking and quality sleep all go a long way to reduce inflammation.

Lifestyle for heart health

How do we choose to live? All of us need to work together – from producers of food, to suppliers, we can learning to cook from scratch, increase our vegetable intake and increase incidental exercise, create fun activity and reduce our stress. No quick fix. However improving quality of life with simple changes we also improve our general wellbeing.

Take action today

Change can be difficult – if we have backed ourselves into a corner of unhealthy living, it can seem monumental to shift. Life can be complicated. Ask for help. Contact Healthy Vitality

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