Integrative Lifestyle Medicine

I’m Jille Burns and I started this blog when I created this website back in 2013 as a place to write down my thoughts on the fast paced and increasingly complex area of health, wellness, integrative and lifestyle medicine, talk about the latest trends, as well as highlight some tips and tricks to help others with every day health choices.


I started my journey working as a hospital based nurse at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. I trained in the old A block, and helped with the patients moving to the new G block when it opened in 1982.
At this time nursing was changing from a hospital based training to a university based course. Once I qualified as a Registered Nurse at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, I continued to work while I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) at Curtin University. This course took 2 years full time, and with the momentum established of working night duty and studying, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Administration the following year.

Historically as you became more senior in nursing, you moved further away from direct patient care. A modification of nursing career structure was developed in the late 1980s to enable nurses to be financially rewarded which ever their specialty – whether it be teaching, research, management or bedside nursing. I gave a paper at the inaugural Emergency Nurses Conference in Hong Kong in 1989 on this structure outlining how this was established in the Emergency Department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital where I was working as Area Manager.

After many roles and changes over the next 20 years including working at Fremantle Hospital and Health Service, Chronic Disease Management Team, and Royal Perth Hospital, in 2010 I completed a Masters Nurse Practitioner at Curtin University. Nurse Practitioners have been established in the United Kingdom and the United States of America since the 1960s, however new to Australia in the early 2000s. Established Medicare rebates for Nurse Practitioners began in December 2010 and I moved into private practice early 2011.

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine

I completed training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and have achieved Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine from the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine in 2018. In June 2018 I spoke at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine in Edinburgh on genetics and Alzheimer’s prevention.

Throughout this very edited career summary, alot of life has happened. Like you, I have had to ensure I keep the balance – eat well, meditate, exercise, relationships, family and keep my mojo for myself and my patients. I love what I do – personalised integrative lifestyle medicine. Individuals have complex genetics, lives and needs. Helping people navigate their health amongst the complexity of conflicting information to find an answer that fits. Do you need an individualised solution? Contact me for an appointment.

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