Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Coeliac Susceptible Genotype

Real stories. Real people. Identifying details changed.

Elaine is a 46 year old mother of two primary school aged children. Elaine works fulltime and spends a lot of time driving her children to and from after school activities. Elaine worked for a food company that provided food plans and meals for weight loss. It was an expectation of the company that staff would eat the food the company provided. Through-out the day, as Elaine was short of time, she would snack on toast, drive in takeaway food for herself and the children and sandwiches. For the past 15 years, Elaine suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) resulting in abdominal cramps and pain. She spent most of her work day feeling drowsy, struggling to concentrate and when she got home from work she was exhausted.

Elaine knew she needed to make some lifestyle changes to improve her health and energy levels. She began by seeking help with Healthy Vitality. Reviewing a diary of her food intake it became apparent that eating gluten products seemed to worsen her symptoms. Healthy Vitality arranged a gene test and in deed found that she had the genotype susceptible for coeliac disease. Just because she has the coeliac gene does not mean she has coeliac disease. To confirm coeliac disease Elaine would have to remain on a gluten containing diet, and have an endoscopy with a gastroenterologist. Elaine realised that the majority of the company snacks she was regularly consuming throughout the day all contained gluten. By removing gluten from her diet and replacing her meals with protein vegetables, nuts & seeds, Elaine began to notice an increase in her energy levels, a reduction in her abdominal cramps and an improvement in her concentration. She also found that reducing her dairy intake helped to lessen her drowsiness. The biggest win for her was not falling asleep early at night, giving her more time to enjoy with her family in the evenings.

Two months later Elaine is loving life! She has lost weight is feeling more energetic than she has for years. Most importantly the Irritable Bowels Syndrome that she suffered for 15 years is now settled and she can live a more happy and comfortable life.

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