Goal setting 2017 – get a coach!

How successful are you with your New Year resolutions this year? Fitter, wealthier and more fabulous than ever and it is only March? Maybe not? Abandoning goals – especially health goals – within the first week is common place. To make the difference? Have you considered a coach? Accountability central! How committed are you to […]

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Epigenetics – a strategy for your future health

Personalised health is here! Individualised for you. Epigenetics – your genetics and your environment create you – as you are now. Epigenetics is the study of how genes change in their environment. We can assess your genetic expression as it plays out right now, and support you to assess and make changes that directly improve […]

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Dietary guidelines

Dietary guidelines – what do they mean? The 8th edition of the Dietary guide for Americans has been published by the United States Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture. The guidelines advise “….a healthy eating pattern throughout life with a specific focus on obtaining a good variety of food with appropriate nutrient density […]

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IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – do you or someone you know suffer from IBS? A recent study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology analysed the benefit of psychological therapies which showed moderate benefit that continued over the long term. “…This is significant because IBS is a chronic intermittent condition for which there is no good […]

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Simply Good Food Workshops

Inspirational food … how to make it, why it’s healthy and what makes it yummy. Attend this wonderful demonstration workshop to learn and gain confidence in eating for health & wellness. We include recipes to take home. Lunch included – BOOK NOW –  https://healthyvitality.com.au/workshops  

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Weight loss and sugar in fruit and vegetables

When trying to lose weight, avoiding high sugar foods such as refined carbohydrates like bread and carbonated drinks is fairly straight forward. However for other foods often the glycaemic index is useful as a guide. This can be handy but also perplexing! The glycaemic index (very simplistically) is a way of measuring how quickly and […]

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Get yourself off to a great start in the morning

“Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It’s made of all those little curly wood shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!” Roald Dahl 1964 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Processed foods – the more altered, the more nutrition removed and chemicals added for taste, flavour and colour. How soon after a breakfast of […]

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Lemon tree

The Lemon Tree Metaphor

Reading an article in the gardening section of the paper this week a reader was asking what do about his lemon tree. It had been in a pot for ten years and despite regular fertiliser, the tree was producing less and less lemons each year and starting to look unwell. The advice was a few […]

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Interval training

Interval training improves your metabolic health

Interval training is an effective strategy to improve your metabolic health. Japanese speed skating coach Izumi Tabata devised this method to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity of his athletes by an incredible 14-20%. Interval training involves completing cycles of exercise intensity for 20 seconds and reduced intensity for ten seconds for up to twenty minutes. […]

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